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Prof. Dominik Molitor (Fordham-University)

Datum: Dienstag, 13. Dezember

Zeit: 15:00 - 16:30

Ort: Raum 305, Ludwigstr. 28 Vordergebäude

Titel: Mobile Push versus Pull Targeting and Geo-Conquesting

Abstract: This study contrasts the effectiveness of two distinct mobile content delivery mechanisms: mobile push and mobile pull. Mobile push describes a delivery mechanism where firm-initiated (ad) content is delivered to consumers. In contrast, mobile pull describes consumer-initiated requests for (ad) content. We predict a higher effectiveness of mobile push as it reduces users’ search costs in decision environments with multiple choice options. Furthermore, we predict that the effectiveness of mobile push is moderated by usage experience and local competition. We test our hypotheses using a large-scale randomized field experiment involving two competing retail chains in a geo-conquesting setting. The field experiment includes customers who shop at retail stores belonging to a key competitor and aims to drive them into the stores of the focal retailer using mobile coupons. Consistent with our predictions, we find that mobile push increases the coupon redemption rate by 6.0 %. However, we find that the magnitude of responses to mobile push depends on the app-specific usage experience and local competition. For more experienced users, we show that mobile push decreases the likelihood of coupon redemption for consumers with prior usage experience. Regarding local competition, our results illustrate that mobile push increases the likelihood of coupon redemption in areas with higher store densities. Overall, these results have important implications for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.