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24.05.2012 Professor Michael Hoy, Ph.D.
(University of Guelph)
Managing Genetic Tests, Surveillance, and Preventive Medicine Under a Public Health Insurance System [Video]
07.05.2012 Professor Thomas Donaldson, Ph.D.
(University of Pennsylvania)
Can Management Theory Find a Purpose? [Video]
04.04.2012 Prof. Charles R. Taylor
(Villanova University)
Cultural Convergence and Advertising:  Are U.S. and Japanese Advertising More Similar Than They Used to Be? [Video]
09.03.2012 Prof. K. Praveen Parboteeah
(University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Cross-level Methodology: Hiearchical Linear Modeling [Video]
26.05.2011 Dr. Matthias von Davier
(Princeton University)
A general latent variable framework for complex assessments [Video]
10.03.2011 Prof. Richard D. MacMinn
(Illinois State University)
The Annuity Puzzle [Video]
15.12.2010 Prof. Toru Yoshikawa, Ph.D.
(Singapore Management University)
Board reforms in the Japanese electronics industry: A behavioral theory perspective [Video]
09.12.2010 Prof. Anthony Nyberg, Ph.D
(University of South Carolina)
The Importance of Context to Pay-For-Performance Effects on Future Employee Performance: How Time, Payment Type, and Employee Characteristics Clarify Theoretical Predictions [Video]
15.09.2010 Prof. Philipp Köllinger
(Erasmus University Rotterdamh)
Genetics of Entrepreneurship [Video]
30.06.2010 Prof. Marie Thursby, Ph.D.; Prof. Jerry Thursby, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
University Licensing: Harnessing or Tarnishing Faculty Research? [Video]
26.05.2010 Prof. Charles Steinfield, Ph.D.
(Michigan State University)
Cooperative Advantage and Vertical Information Systems Standards: An Automotive Supply Chain Case Study [Video]
20.05.2010 Prof. Yan Anthea Zhang, Ph.D.
(Rice University Houston)
The Role of Foreign firms' Age and Location in FDI Spillovers in an Emerging Market: A Longitudinal Study [Video]
29.04.2010 Prof. Grid Thoma, Ph.D.
(University of Camerino)
Institutional Logics and Status - Strategic Patenting in the Legal Service Sector [Video]
17.02.2010 Prof. Dr. Cindy Shirata
(University of Tsukuba)
Extracting Characteristic of Japanese

Bankrupt firms by Text-Mining: Analysis of Narrative Information

25.11.2009 Prof. Karl R. Lang, Ph.D.
(City University of New York)
Designing Markets for Co- Production of Digital Culture Goods: Experimental Examination of Content Reuse Licensing [Video]
21.10.2009 Dr. Paul H. Jensen
(University of Melbourne)
Estimating the Patent Premium: Evidence from the Australian Inventor Survey [Video]
29.07.2009 Prof. Nils Stieglitz, Ph.D. (University of Southern Denmark) Strategic Focus and the Quest for Temporary Advantage [Video]
29.07.2009 Prof. Sadao Nagaoka, Ph.D.(Hitotsubashi University) Reforms of Patent Examination Request System in Japan: Some Lessons [Video]
22.07.2009 Prof. Sadao Nagaoka, Ph.D.
(Hitotsubashi University)
The R&D process in the US and Japan [Video]
29.06.2009 Prof. Dr. Stefan Bechtold
(ETH Zürich)
Law and Economics of
Intellectual Property
Research: A Lawyer's Perspective
17.06.2009 Prof. Gerard Sanders

(Rice University)

Effects of Managerial Experience on Strategic Preferences: The Case of the Chinese Corporate Elite [Video]
27.05.2009 Prof. Henry Sauermann, Ph.D.

(Georgia Tech)

Knowledge Flows under the Microscope: The Transition of Science PhDs into Startups and Established Firms [Video]
27.05.2009 Prof. Henry Sauermann, Ph.D.

(Georgia Tech)

Complicating Merton: The Motives, Incentives, and Innovative Activities of Academic Scientists and Engineers [Video]
20.05.2009 Prof. Timothy Simcoe, Ph.D.

(University of Toronto)

Choosing the Rules for Consensus Standardization [Video]
13.05.2009 Prof. Timothy Simcoe, Ph.D.

(University of Toronto)

Standard Setting Committees [Video]
12.05.2009 Prof. Timothy Simcoe, Ph.D.

(University of Toronto)

Competing on Standards? Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Platform Technologies [Video]
28.01.2009 Prof. Martin Hemmert

(Korea University, Seoul)

Forschungskooperationen zwischen Unternehmen und Universitaeten - Eine vergleichende Studie zu den USA, Deutschland, Japan und Korea [Video]
12.12.2008 Prof. Richard Phillips

(Georgia State University)

The Pricing of Financially Intermediated Risks: Empirical Evidence from the Property-Liability Insurance Industry [Video]
11.12.2008 Prof. Richard Phillips

(Georgia State University)

Management and the Insurance Industry: Investigating the Source of Value [Video]
11.12.2008 Prof. Richard Phillips

(Georgia State University)

Regulator performance, regulatory environment and outcomes: An examination of insurance regulator career incentives on state insurance markets [Video]
10.12.2008 Florian Schuett, Ph.D.

(European University Institute)

Inventors and Impostors: An Economic Analysis of Patent Examination [Video]
20.11.2008 Prof. Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D.

(Stanford University)

Capacity Management, Decentralization, and Internal Pricing [Video]
14.11.2008 Prof. Richard MacMinn
(Illinois State University)
The Fisher Model and Financial Markets: the building blocks of financial theory [Video]
30.10.2008 Prof. Graeme Dean
(University of Sydney)
Abacus – Getting Research Published Seminar [Video]
16.09.2008 Prof. Matthew Higgins, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
A Multi-Dimensional View of Alliance Complexity and Value Division in Technology Sourcing Agreements [Video]
10.09.2008 Prof. Matthew Higgins, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
Strategically Timing New Drug Introductions [Video]
17.07.2008 Prof. John J. Kanet
(University of Dayton)
Time Phasing Safety Stocks for Production Planning [Video]
01.07.2008 Patrick Gaulé
(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Nicolas Maystre
(University of Geneva)
The impact of open access of scientific articles [Video]
25.06.2008 Prof. Audrey Korsgaard, Ph.D.
(University of South Carolina)
Multiple Motives for Organizational Citizenship Behavior [Video]
19.06.2008 Prof. Paul R. Kleindorfer, Ph.D.
(University of Pennsylvania)
Service Quality, Price Caps and the USO in the Postal Sector [Video]
18.06.2008 Prof. Audrey Korsgaard, Ph.D.
(University of South Carolina)
Understanding the Relationship between Cynicism and Trust [Video]
12.06.2008 Prof. Audrey Korsgaard, Ph.D.
(University of South Carolina)
A Closer Look at Trust between Managers and Subordinates [Video]
11.06.2008 Prof. Stuart Graham, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)

Pioneers, Submariners, or Thicket-builders: Which Firms Use Continuations in Patenting?

21.05.2008 Prof. Marie and Jerry Thursby, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)


Mechanisms to engage academic inventors in technology transfer [Video]
14.05.2008 Prof. Marie und Jerry Thursby, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
Faculty Consulting Part II [Video]
09.05.2008 Prof. Marie und Jerry Thursby, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
Faculty Consulting Part I [Video]
07.05.2008 Prof. Marie und Jerry Thursby, Ph.D.
(Georgia Tech)
University/Industry Licensing: What are the issues and evidence [Video]
23.04.2008 Prof. Mark McCabe, Ph.D.

(University of Michigan)

Online Access to (Old?) Knowledge: Measuring the Impact on Scientific Communication [Video]
21.04.2008 Prof. Lee Fleming, Ph.D.
(Harvard Business School)
Mobility, Skills, and the Michigan Noncompete Experiment [Video]
26.03.2008 Prof. Jeff Furman, Ph.D.

(Boston University)

Climbing atop the shoulders of giants:  The impact of institutions on cumulative research [Video]
09.01.2008 Prof. Gordon Murray, Ph.D.
(University of Exeter)
Profit Distribution, Compensation Structures and Trade-offs in Publicly and Privately Funded Hybrid Venture Capital Funds [Video]