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Prof. PierLuigi Catalfo (Univerisita Studi di Catina)


  • Datum: 12.06.2012
    Ort: Kaulbachstr. 45, Raum E04

Product Architecture in peripheral museums management. Intangible assets, performances  measurement  and institutional compensation hypothesis.

The vastness of the Italian archaeological asset, mainly public, sets the emphasis on sustainability, cultural fruition and socio economic exploitation as questions to be rapidly answered. The continuous shrinkage of financial resources, for many peripheral institutions, is becoming a threat for both their survival and their empowerment or legitimatization. The connection between the museum and the territory is an important point to start from in order to overcome this peripheral condition. The new strategies can be set on the basis of the quality of the available resources, especially the intangible ones.
This paper treats the difficulties of being peripheral trying to highlight  some hypothesis that could help to manage such a condition. After some theoretical premises it focuses on the case study of the archaeological museum of Gela paradigmatic or the strong divergences existing between the high value of the owned collections, its historical traditions and its marginal dimension if related to visitors flows and the anthropic context.