Center for Advanced Management




Prof. David Berliner (Arizona State University)


  • Datum: 14.10.2011
    Zeit: 16:15-17:45
    Ort: Ludwigstr. 28 Vordergebäude, Raum 308

The role of income inequality in determining school achievement

In the USA as well as in a number of other advanced countries income inequality is growing. Small numbers of wealthy individuals and families are accumulating a greater and greater proportion of their nations' wealth. The consequences of this for a nation are remarkably clear. As income inequality and relative poverty rises, regardless of a nations gross domestic product, there is a strong negative effect on social indicators that we value. This presentation will illustrate how income inequality affects important social outcomes, particularly the outcomes of the schools. International and State data from the US will be used to illustrate this point, and German data, particularly from PISA  will be discussed, as well.