Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University)


  • Datum: 04.04.2012
    Zeit: 17:00-19:00
    Ort: Kaulbachstr. 45, EG, Raum E004

Cultural Convergence and Advertising:  Are U.S. and Japanese Advertising More Similar Than They Used to Be?

In recent years, much has been written about the standardization of marketing programs and the idea that cultural convergence has led to the need for global strategies has received increase traction from academicians and practitioner alike.  However, limited research has focused on whether advertising practices in major economies have become more similar than was the case in the past.  Building on a study conducted by Miracle, Taylor, and Chang (1992) that showed considerable culture-based differences in Japanese and U.S. advertising pertaining to the level of directness in communication (e.g., amount of time until brand is shown on screen, number of times the brand or logo is shown, cumulative time the brand name is on screen, amount of time company name is shown on screen, etc.), this study examines whether such culture based differences still exist today.  The study also draws on recent published empirical work by Okazaki, Mueller and Taylor on the use of hard sell vs. soft sell appeals in Japan and the U.S.  and discusses various consumer culture positioning strategies proposed by Alden et al.  Implications for managers and for future researchers are offered.