Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Mark J. McCabe (University of Michigan)


  • Date: 23.04.2008
    17:15 - 18:45
    Room 026, Ludwigstraße 28/Rü

Online Access to (Old?) Knowledge: Measuring the Impact on Scientific Communication (with Chris Snyder and Roger Schonfeld)

Using detailed citation data and online digitization histories for the 100 most important journals in econ/business, science/biology and history (a total of 300 titles), we explore whether online access increases citation rates,  and whether the measured impact differs according to discipline, online channel, age of the content, geographic location of the citing authors, etc.  To control for potential selection biases, we exploit a natural experiment to identify these effects.

This research complements our previous work that modelled journals as 2-sided platforms.  In particular, it is normally assumed that easier or cheaper access to scientific content should increase reader benefits, which in turn has implications for equilibrium platform pricing, etc.  The present research can be seen as an attempt to investigate the validity of this assumption. We expect the results to be of interests to a diverse audience, including information economists, publishers and science policymakers.