Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Richard D. MacMinn (Illinois State University)


  • Datum: 14.11.2008
    Zeit: 14:00 - 15:30
    Ort: Raum E04, Schackstr. 4/I

The Fisher Model and Financial Markets: the building blocks of financial theory
(Abstrakt siehe zweites Seminar)

  • Datum: 20.11.2008
    17:00 - 19:00
    Raum 307, Schackstr. 4/III

The Fisher Model and Financial Markets: an economist's perspective on financial markets, risk management and value creation

This monograph represents a unified coherent perspective of financial markets and the theory of corporate finance. The Fisher model is used in corporate finance texts to note the foundations of the net present value rule, but has not been developed further in textbooks as a perspective for students of the finance discipline. This book articulates corporate finance from a common perspective and model: by generalizing the Fisher model to include risks, it is possible to exposit and prove the classic corporate finance theorems and to establish a common foundation for the discipline. The classic theorems of corporate finance are collected, stated, and some are proved. The reader is challenged to prove corollaries and theorems to see how the model provides the fundamental building blocks for the discipline.