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Prof. Ioanna Constantiou (Copenhagen Business School)


  • Datum: 13.05.2009
    Zeit: 17:15 - 18:45
    Ort: Raum 024, Ludwigstr. 28 / RG

The user behaviour in the markets for online content: Opening the “black box” of the individual’s choice of innovative services

This research proposes a theoretical framework for the analysis of the individual’s decision to adopt innovative services in the markets for online content. Examples of innovative services are those offered by mobile and Internet portals. The decision to adopt a service can be viewed as a choice based on two cognitive processes of reasoning and referencing, as postulated in behavioural decision making. A preliminary analysis of empirical data collected from mobile TV, online news and video on demand markets offers some indications of the explanatory power of the theoretical model in the markets for online content. The proposed framework has both theoretical and practical value. From a theoretical perspective, it illustrates the manner in which the individual’s cognitive processes influence the decision to adopt an innovative service, highlighting, in the adoption research, an alternative dimension to those depicted by the diffusion of innovation theory. From a practical perspective, the framework offers a market analysis tool which can generate useful insights for the stakeholders.