Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Clint Chadwick (University of Kansas)


Datum: 14.11.2017

Zeit: 12.00 - 13.30 Uhr

Ort: Kaulbachstr. 45, Raum 006

Titel: The Effects of Managerial Human Capital and Strategic Human Capital Management Capabilities on SME Performance


“Aside from the broad assumption that managerial action matters, nuanced insights regarding managerial influence have been largely absent from strategic human capital (SHC) research to date. Thus, basic questions about how managers influence SHC phenomena remain. The specific question that this project centers on is the impact of managerial human capital on firm performance compared to SHC management practices and strategy operationalization practices. Using a unique sample of 2462 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from England, we find that managerial entrepreneurial skills and formal human resource management practices are positively related to log annual sales and log total productivity. However, for larger SMEs, the relationship of managerial human capital with firm performance is somewhat smaller than it is in smaller SMEs, while formal human resource practices are positively related to firm performance in larger SMEs and are not significantly related to firm performance in smaller SMEs.”