Center for Advanced Management




Dr. Chris Hodkinson (University of Queensland)


Datum: 12.12.2016
Zeit: 18.00 Uhr
Ort: Kaulbachstr. 45, Raum 006
Titel: "An Exploration of the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) – A Driver of Generation Y/Z and Millennials’ Behaviour"


“The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (‘FOMO’) is a well-known concept in popular culture. Consequently, as with many elements of popular culture, it has been co-opted and successfully utilised in commercial advertising appeals to initiate sales. However, academic research to date has focussed exclusively on FOMO as an individual trait leading to self-initiated FOMO-driven behaviours. Examples of relevant research include the excessive and even compulsive use of smart phones and/or social media and its negative outcomes. The popular press has echoed these academic results and consequently FOMO is typically referred to negatively especially in relation to social media and smartphone use. However, neither the academic nor the popular press articles have considered FOMO-based advertising appeal responses despite their obvious presence in the commercial marketplace. The success of FOMO sales appeals relies upon consumers’ responses; therefore, it is necessary to understand these response mechanisms. This is the first known academic research to investigate consumer response mechanisms in relation to externally initiated FOMO appeals. In doing so, this research develops an original taxonomy of FOMO appeals; establishes a thematic map of response elements; identifies theory relevant to individuals’ responses; formulates an operational response model; and proposes a future FOMO research agenda.”