Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Patricia H. Born (Florida State University)


LMU CAMS / Brownbag Seminar

  • Datum: 21.5.2010
    10:15 - 12:00
    B 106, Hauptgebäude


The Influence of Managed Care Firms’ Strategic Choices on Financial Performance

Prior research finds the existence of a relationship between managed healthcare firm performance and plan operating characteristics. However, previous research has failed to address the specific impact of distribution system choice and line of business choice on performance. We develop a set of regression models to test evaluate organizations’ joint (simultaneous) selection of distribution system and line of business and consider (1) how these decisions are affected by market characteristics, and (2) the extent that the firm’s chosen mix of distribution systems and/or products affects financial performance. Our preliminary results indicate that, when considered separately, both distribution system choice and line of business choice affect a firm’s financial performance, thus motivating further research to identify the more successful strategies of organizations that finance health care services.