Center for Advanced Management




Prof. Allan Bird (Northeastern University)


  • Datum: 03.05.2011
    Zeit: 17:15 - 18:30
    Ort: Kaulbachstr. 45, Raum E004

Challenges in Identifying and Developing Global Leaders

Every large-scale survey of global business organizations since 1995 has identified a deficit of global leadership capability as the leading concern.  The call for the development of globally competent leaders begs several questions:  What constitutes global competency?  How can it be developed?  The first question has been widely addressed.  Various researchers have identified a host of competencies, easily more than 60.  Rosen and associates (2000), for example, identify twenty different competencies, which they label “literacies.”  While each of the identified competencies may contribute in some way to overall global leader capability, a concern for theoretical parsimony and the need to focus developmental efforts suggests the prudence of distilling this down to a more workable framework.

In contrast, there appears to be wider agreement about how to develop global leader capability.  The consensus appears to be that educational efforts – lectures, training seminars and even some experiences are insufficient.  What is required instead is a process of personal transformation.  Agreement on the general developmental process, however, does not provide sufficient guidance when it comes to specific individuals or context.  The complex interactions of a host of personal and contextual variables insure that the process of competency development for global leaders is non-linear.